A brief about the client and the problem: 

The client, a leading IT service provider with wider presence across India and the Middle East was facing challenges with respect to the infrastructure for Dev, Preprod and production Workload. Since a considerable amount of time was spent on the maintenance of the application platform, the client was in need of a solution where the platform required the least maintenance and support, while being easily scalable. 

Expected solution: 

The CloudArmee Solution:  

Services used for the Solution:  

Architectural representation  


Constructing infrastructure using Amazon Web Service native tools enabled the business to minimize the need for manual intervention, enforce consistency and reduce turnaround time. In this case, the solution provided by CloudArmee has been successfully implemented in the Dev, Preprod and production Workload, helping the business promote agility, scalability, and resilience. The solution also helped in streamlining processes and reducing maintenance by creating repeatable processes.  

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