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Accelerating AWS Deployment: Achieving Cost Optimization and High Availability through DevOps.

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About Customer:

          Eigen Risk cloud based risk Analytics Company that specializes in providing technology solutions for risk management and assessment. They offer a comprehensive platform that helps organizations to analyse and understand various risks, including natural disasters, cyber threats, supply chain disruptions, and more.

          Eigen Risk is used by organizations in various industries, including insurance, banking, healthcare, and government, to assess and mitigate risks, improve business continuity planning, and support better decision-making. It also assists insurance
underwriters in pricing policies accurately by assessing risk profiles and estimating potential claims.

Real-time data: Eigen Risk provides access to real-time data from a variety of sources, including weather, seismic, and economic data. This allows users to stay up-to-date on the latest risks and make informed decisions about their exposure.

Powerful visualizations: Eigen Risk’s platform uses powerful visualizations to help users understand their catastrophe risk exposure. These visualizations can be customized to show specific data points or trends, making it easy to identify areas of risk and make informed decisions.

Actionable analytics: Eigen Risk’s platform provides users with actionable analytics to help them make better risk management decisions. These analytics can be used to identify areas of risk, assess the potential impact of catastrophes, and develop mitigation strategies.

Sophisticated modelling: Eigen Risk’s platform uses sophisticated modelling to help users understand the potential impact of catastrophes on their businesses. This modelling can be used to assess the financial impact of different scenarios, identify
areas of vulnerability, and develop mitigation strategies.

The Challenges Faced by Customer:

Application Dependency: The applications should be divided and deployed as an independent service

Manual deployment: The customer is deploying their code manually as it takes more time to complete the deployment process

High CostThe customer predominantly uses Windows machines for their applications, which leads to high infrastructure costs.

The Solution Provided to Customer:

CloudArmee team performed a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s infrastructure, leading to the refactoring, re-platforming, and redesigning of existing systems. Furthermore, all of the customer’s applications were successfully migrated to independent and cost-effective services.

  • Assess client current environment
  • Product Strategy
  • Design AWS Architecture
  • Achieving seamless integration of products

We provided a solution that involved a two-stage transformation design to effectively guide the customer through their journey of transformation.

Stage I:
New Environment and CI/CD Pipeline:

We conducted a thorough review of the customer’s applications and architecture, identifying areas for improvement and consolidation. By analysing infrastructure, software components, and data flows, we identified redundancies and bottlenecks, paving the way for optimization in future stages of the transformation. This review provided a solid foundation for the subsequent steps in the transformation process.

Based on our analysis we have created a new environment using EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk, as well as implemented a serverless model using API Gateway and Lambda functions. This approach has made our applications independent and achieved high availability.

Furthermore, we have streamlined the entire deployment process using AWS CI/CD services. This has significantly reduced manual intervention and made deployments less time-consuming.

Stage II:
High Availability and Cost Optimization:

We closely collaborated with the customer to align their strategy with long-term goals. By identifying areas for automation, standardization, and cost optimization.

According to our analysis, we have implemented an auto-scaling feature with a load balancer to effectively handle high request volumes and ensure excellent availability of our applications.

To optimize the cost of our infrastructure, we have implemented several strategies. Firstly, we have leveraged RDS and Elastic Search reservations, which have allowed us to reduce expenses by committing to longer-term usage.

Furthermore, we have made use of Savings Plans, which have significantly contributed to minimizing our overall infrastructure costs. 

The auto-scaling capability, coupled with load balancing, guarantees that our servers can efficiently handle increased traffic and consistently deliver optimal performance.

Overall, our implementation ensures that our applications remain highly available while keeping our infrastructure costs optimized.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer:

Performance Improvement:

          Our client applications are deployed using AWS services such as EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, API Gateway, and RDS. These services provide efficient management and optimization capabilities, offering flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. With seamless application deployment and maintenance, we provide a robust infrastructure for our customers, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives while leveraging the power of AWS services.

Scalability and Load Balancing:

          We have designed our application architecture with an auto-scaling group and an application load balancer that automatically adds instances to handle increased user load and evenly distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers. This ensures optimal performance and high availability for our applications. With these design principles, we have provided a scalable and resilient infrastructure for our customers

Debugging and Issue Resolution:

          CloudWatch and application logs are invaluable tools for us and developers in identifying and debugging issues. They allow us to trace the execution flow and accurately pinpoint the root cause of problems, resulting in faster issue resolution. By leveraging these monitoring and logging capabilities, we gain valuable insights into our applications, enabling efficient troubleshooting and improved application performance


          We have implemented automated deployment using AWS tools like Code Pipeline, Code Build, and Code Deploy. This allows us to deliver software faster with reduced manual effort. The CI/CD pipeline automates the build, test, and deployment
processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency. By leveraging these AWS services, our client has achieved continuous delivery and a faster time-to-market for our applications.

Cost Optimization:

          By utilizing AWS services such as AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets, we have effectively optimized costs. Additionally, we have reserved our Database, Elastic Cache, and Redis services and purchased compute Savings Plans to reduce EC2 and Lambda pricing. These strategies have resulted in significant cost savings and improved cost management for our infrastructure.

Tech Stack:

Amazon EC2 

Amazon Elastic beanstalk 

Amazon S3 

API Gateway 

Amazon Lambda 

Amazon RDS 

Auto Scale 

Application Load Balancer 


Amazon CloudFront 

Amazon SQS 

Step Functions 

Code Pipeline 

Code Build 

Code Deploy